Why tan indoors?

Whether you get your tan indoors or outdoors, you skin produces a tan the same way – by absorbing ultraviolet light. When you tan outdoors there are a large number of factors that affect how much ultraviolet light you get – sky conditions (clear vs cloudy), latitude (how far north/south you are), altitude, time of day, season, the type and strength of sunscreen; the list goes on. Fifteen minutes today may give you a tan; fifteen minutes tomorrow could burn you badly.
By tanning indoors you are in a controlled environment where you get a consistent amount of ultraviolet light day in and day out. Exposure times are determined by equipment and trained professionals that take into account previous tanning sessions as well as the tanner’s skin type. In this way your tan gets a chance to develop properly without burning.
Many people mix indoor and outdoor tanning – the indoor session gives them the controlled exposure and gets the tan started; they can now go outside, put on sunscreen and enjoy the day, replenishing the sunscreen as necessary.This is the best of both worlds. This is SMART tanning.

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